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A Diamond Knife Sharpener – the Most Useful Kitchen Tool

Every home kitchen needs a good set of kitchen knives. Add to that a trusty knife sharpener and you’ll have one happy home cook. A sharp knife set is, after all, a prerequisite to running an efficient and safe kitchen.

There is a wide range of knife sharpeners available on the market to serve every need. From honing rods to handheld sharpeners and electric and manual sharpeners, you also choose ceramic and diamond knife sharpeners.

The one thing to bear in mind is that to sharpen your knives effectively, the sharpening material must be harder than the blade, which is why the best knife sharpeners often contain diamond dust. Let’s look at what’s best for your kitchen.

Honing Rod

Most chefs swear by their honing rod. This kitchen tool doesn’t actually sharpen the edge of the blade. What it does is straighten the edge so that it’s true and sharp. Every time you use your knives, tiny pieces on the edge bend way. The result that the edge becomes duller and duller.

Because a honing rod doesn’t actually sharpen the blade, it also doesn’t wear it thin so you can hone your kitchen blades as often as you please. Eventually, however, your honing rod just won’t be up to the task and you’ll have to sharpen your knives.

Types of Knife Sharpeners

Types of Knife Sharpeners


One of the oldest forms of knife sharpener is the whetstone or sharpening stone. You’ll need more than one of them since you’ll need different coarseness levels to ensure that you get the sharp edge and can smooth it down.

A sharpening stone does a perfectly adequate job of sharpening the blade edge, but it takes a certain level of skill. If you have never been taught how to sharpen your knives using a whetstone, you could damage them and find yourself in the market for a new kitchen knife set.

Pull Through Manual and Electric Knife Sharpeners

The most common and effective knife sharpeners are the pull through manual and electric knife sharpeners. They are pretty much the same in concept. Personally, prefer the manual pull through knife sharpeners for the following reasons

  • They’re cheaper
  • They’re quieter
  • You have more control as you can decide how much pressure to apply and how much pressure to apply.
  • They’re portable because they require no electrical input to operate.

This brings me to my favorite kitchen appliance.

The Manually Operated Diamond Knife Sharpener

Manually Operated Diamond Knife Sharpener

The CST01 3-stage knife sharpener is the go-to appliance in my kitchen. It is capable of sharpening almost every blade in the house, including the more difficult knives like utility blades, pocket knives, and hunting knives.

This pull-through knife sharpener has three slots. The first boasts diamond-dusted rods for straightening the blade and removing any burrs. The second slot is occupied by tungsten steel blades that will bring a razor-sharp edge to any blade. The third slot has ceramic rods that will gently hone a fine edge. Use the last slot as often as you need without worrying about wear and tear on the blade.

The CST01 diamond knife sharpener is made from durable ABS plastic, which is protected, in turn, by a stainless steel shroud around the knife slots. The whole is solid construction, which, together with the large comfortable handle and non-slip base ensures that the sharpener stays in place when you pull the blades through the slots.

This product is so well made that the manufacturers cover it with a lifetime warranty, meaning that you won’t have to buy another knife sharpener for the rest of your life.  




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