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Best Chef Knife Under $100 [2022]

Is your kitchen missing a chef knife? Do you want your chef knife to be high-quality, effective, and affordable? Not every chef knife you will find in stores, or online are made by the same materials and has the same quality. If you want to pick up the best chef knife under 100 dollars, then you have to look out for the quality, durability, and how it feels in your hand.

The best kitchen knives under 100 dollars aren’t easy to find. You have to deeply browse through either on the internet or at the store. But with our busy everyday lives, we might not have the time or opportunity to look around for a long time. Maybe you don’t want to go out and search for one, maybe you don’t have the opportunity to test out the knife, and at the end of the day, it is all understandable.

Selecting The Best Chef Knife Under $100

There is a huge selection for the best chef knife, and plus if you have no idea how to choose one, it is even more difficult. On this list, you will find some of the best chef knives under 100 dollars. Every knife on this list has been tested and reviewed thoroughly.

Every one of the knives differs from price tag to material. We guarantee that these are the best chef knives for the money and no matter which one you pick, you will be satisfied. Here are our picks for the best chef knife under 100 dollars.

1. Victorinox – Best Budget Chef Knife

Victorinox 8 Inch Chef Knife


First on our list for best chef knife under 100 dollars is a knife that you will handle easily and every task will be done swiftly. The Victorinox 8 inch chef knife is a great choice if you want to finish every task in the kitchen accurately.

Its edge is tapered, laser-tested, and super sharp so your cutting experience will be smooth. It is amazingly durable and with that comes the longevity of cutting performance. Victorinox 8 is built with lightweight, high-quality steel from Europe. 

It is versatile, as well. With this knife, you can dice onions, crush garlic, cut shallots and chop up any herb you want. People even use it to cut their meat. Because of its flawlessly suited for any kind of kitchen work, you will find yourself reaching for this knife every time.

The Fibrox handle is non-slip, so the handling of this knife is smooth and comfortable. You don’t need to worry, dry or wet, the handle’s design is made like that so you can feel safe when handling the knife. 

With these amazing features, the Victorinox Fibrox 8 inch Chef Knife has been the option for many professionals all over the world. We wouldn’t have placed this one on our list if we didn’t think it can be a contender for best chefs knife under 100 dollars.


– The Fibrox handle provides safe, comfortable use.

– Tapered edge for a guaranteed amazing cutting experience

– It is dishwasher safe

– You won’t get any fatigue in your hand and wrist

2. Imarku Chef Knife – Best Chef Knife Under $50  

Imarku Pro Kitchen 8 inch


Next on the list of best chef knife under 100 dollars is the Imarku Pro Kitchen 8 Inch. This knife can be used on multiple occasions. Whether you are slicing, dicing, cutting, chopping, or anything else in the kitchen, you will find that this knife can do it all.

It is also perfect for slicing meat off the bone, and can also do wonders when you are smashing or pounding garlic. The Pakka made handle is super comfortable, makes you feel like a professional, and is stable. You won’t feel any numbness in your fingers or aches in your hands and wrists after using it for quite some time.

The blade of the knife and the part underneath the handle are all one piece, and it is also nitrogen-cooled, so it is quite flexible. It is also triple riveted which gives the knife extra hardness. Its 8-12° cutting edges allow you to slice everything with laser precision.

It will feel comfortable in your hand in every situation because of its ergonomic handle. It can also be considered as a sushi knife because it has a military-grade handle. We advise you to handle this knife with caution because it is super sharp. It has a Tatara sharpness enhancement making it stable and sharp.

Even though you will see that the sharpness won’t go away after a lot of usages, every professional chef will tell you that to keep the knife perfectly sharp, honing it after every use is essential. Like the previous knife, this one also has to be mentioned when we are talking about the best chef knife under 100 dollars. You are getting so many features and quality for such a reasonable price.


– 8-12° cutting edges

– Sharpness doesn’t go away after a lot of usages

– Comfortable handle

– Triple-riveted, full tang features

3. DALSTRONG Chef`s Knife – Best Chef Knife Under 100



Next on the list is the DALSTRONG, which by just looking at it you can see the amazing craftsmanship. We considered this knife on our list of the best knife under 100 dollars, because of the cutting-edge technology and unbelievable design.

It is affordable compared to some other knives that have the same qualities. Slicing and cutting will never be a problem ever again. Made from German steel the knife is super sharp and it is stain resistant.

The handle is made of Pakkawood and we guarantee that comfort and grip won’t be a problem. The handle is also hand-polished, tapered to ensure flexibility and performance. 

The knife is pretty sharp, but you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself because of the design on the handle. Honing the knife after every usage is highly recommended and avoid using it when your hands are wet.


– Super sharp blade, made of high carbon steel

– Stain-resistant and tampered perfectly

– The Pakkawood makes the knife look beautiful and increase performance

– Triple-riveted for more hardness.

4. Wusthof Classic 

Wusthof Classic


Our fourth pick in the category of best chef knife under 100 dollars, is the Wusthof Classic. A knife that you can use for any meal preparation, comfortable in your hand and it looks quite good.

You can look at the knife as an essential piece in your kitchen when it comes to slicing, cutting, dicing, chopping,  and dicing all kinds of vegetables and fruits.

This knife is so balanced that it will ensure heavy-duty work like slicing the meat from the bone. Compared to some high-end knives this knife can hold its ground, even though being so affordable. Cutting food will be effortless because of the amazing sharpness. It doesn’t lose its sharpness for a long time and many professional chefs are recommending it.

It is a full tang knife, made from forged steel, giving it durability and comfort when it is held. We have seen so many people recommending this knife online so that is why we had to put it in the best knives under 100 dollars category.


– Heavy 8-inch superior blade

– Forged carbon steel

– Razor-sharp blade

– Beautiful design and triple-riveted handle

– Amazing performance because of the balanced weight

5. Mac MTH-80 Professional Series 8-inch Chef Knife With Dimples

mac mth-80 professional series 8-inch chef knife with dimples


We just had to put the Mac Knife Hollow Edge Chefs in this category of the best knife under 100 dollars. Its fine build, satisfying cutting ability, and thousands of recommendations make this knife one of the best today.

One of the main features of this knife is the hollows that help cutting foods like apples and squashes. Having this knife in your kitchen, you will make cooking more fun and efficient. 

Having this knife will allow you to understand better why chef’s like to use specific knives for certain occasions. If you want to feel like a professional chef and enhance the experience of cooking, this is a perfect choice.

Made from top quality materials this knife has incredible sharpness and with that, you don’t have to use too much force when cutting your food.

The handle is comfortable but make sure that you are handling this knife with dry hands to prevent any kind of accidents.


– A beast when it comes to cutting

– Professionals and people at home can use the knife

– Hollow edges make the knife sharper

– Enhanced cooking experience




We include the J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Classic because it has everything that professionals and buyers want in a knife. Beauty, weight, sharpness, and a comfortable handle, this knife has it all.

The top-quality materials enhance the performance and durability of the knife and the design will make any ordinary person feel like a chef. Its balanced weight makes sure that you can cut any thin or thick food with ease.

The handle is pretty hard but weirdly still feels comfortable after longer use, and it suits any hand size. The technology that has been used to create this knife makes the knife sharps for a long time. So be careful when handling the knife because the sharp edges can do a lot of damage. Seeing all these features which can anyone not put this knife in the category of best affordable kitchen knives.


– You use less force because of the amazing sharpness

– Balanced weight

– Beautiful design

– The non-slip handle ensures safety even if your hands are wet

7. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife 8 Inch

ZELITE INFINITY Chef’s Knife 8 inch


Next on our list is the ZELITE INFINITY Chef’s Knife 8 inch. Made with VG10 Super steel, the knife is non-stick, will last you forever and what can we say about the design. The Damascus pattern design will make this knife standoff in the kitchen. 

The razor-sharp edges will cut through any type of food and dicing and slicing dicing fruits and vegetables will never be easier. It also has an ergonomic handle making the grip comfortable and the triple-riveted handle makes it pretty durable.

Chopping and cutting harder food will go flawlessly and after every use honing the knife can be super beneficial. Also keeping the knife clean and dry will make the cooking experience more enjoyable. Because of the mesmerizing design, this knife can easily be given as a present to family and friends. We had to place it in the category of the best affordable chef knife.


– Full tang and minimal resistance

– Unbelievable sharpness

– Stain-resistant and nitrogen tempered knife

– Durability and sharpness for a long period of time

8. KUMA Multi Purpose Chef Knife

Kuma Chef Knife 8 Inch


A Kuma brand knife will always be on everybody’s list. Their knives are just amazing when it comes to sharpness and comfort. You will be amazed by how much versatility and precision this knife has. Basically, it will make your cooking experience a one to remember.

It has a beautiful design, made with some lightweight materials making it easy to handle. Performance levels are super high and the handle is just so much comfortable. This knife has acid resistance making it super durable and usable for a long period of time. The comfortable and soft handle will never make your hands or wrists ache after longer usage.

Price-wise this knife is affordable and making a choice to buy it will be a big improvement to your kitchen. Because it’s amazing features this knife is a big contender in the category of best chef knife under 100 dollars.


– Amazing precision

– Non-slip handle

– Ergonomic handle for a better experience

– Built with lightweight materials

– Beautiful design

– 3Cr13 steel blade

9. DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife

DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife


Last but not least, on or list for best chef knife under 100 dollars is the DALSTRONG Chef’s Knife. This knife is made with long-lasting materials, it has a beautiful design and it is all put together perfectly. The sharp edges definitely help when cutting and slicing any kind of vegetables and fruits. 

It is a full tang knife and it is triple riveted to make the knife more resistant and robust. The blade is slick, so food doesn’t stick to it quite easily. The Japanese steel that is used to build this knife ensures great performance. The 8-12° nitrogen-cooled edges give this knife extra flexibility and hardness at the same time. It can be used for multiple purposes, cutting, slicing and chopping has never been easier. The length of the knife is perfect so you can slice and cut foods in your desired size. 


– VG10 Japanese steel

– Rust resistant

– Ergonomic handle

– Full tang for a better performance

– Tapered bolster for the exact balance

A Couple Of Things To Consider Before Buying A Best Chef Knife Under $100

A Couple Of Things To Consider Before Buying A Best Chef Knife Under 100

Partial Tang vs Full Tang

There are a couple of designs when it comes to the tang. Specifically for knives, partial tang and full tang are the most used.

The Full Tang

If you check out a basic kitchen knife, you will notice that the handle consists of two parts that are put together using pins and rivets. When it comes to full tang knives, there is just one piece. It can notice if the knife is full tang by checking the edge of the handle. Being made full tang, the knife receives extra strength and a better knife performance.

The Partial Tang

The most common knives that are made with partial tang and the steak knives. It is a narrow tang that has been placed very little in the gripping area. 

Handle And Weight

If you are new in the knife world, than you probably don’t understand how much the weight and the handle on the knife can change the whole knife.

Find a knife that feels balanced. Knives can also be heavy and light. The heavier the knife, the easier you will cut and slice thicker foods. But lightweight knives are better because you have more control over the whole experience. When buying a knife, make sure that it feels good in your hand and you can pretty much notice how good can you control it by just picking it up.

Having a comfortable handle is important. You may want or have to use the knife for a longer period of time and no one wants a knife that feels uncomfortable or gives them aches. 

Bolster Bluff

The bolster buff is maybe one of the most important parts of the knife. It is a little junction that sits between the blade and the handle. Bolster bluff gives durability to the knife and the transition is way smoother. It acts as a balance tool between the blade and the handle. It is also there so when you are sharpening the knife you won’t have any trouble. There are three important things that the bolster bluff is doing:

– Keeps your hand away from the blade

– Gives balance between the blade and the handle

– Makes it way easier when you are sharpening the blade


When you watch cooking shows or just check your local chefs, they are almost always using big knives. If you want to be a cook, the thing you should know about the size of the knife is that if it is too big, it is harder to control.

A 7-inch or an 8-inch knife are totally different things. Make sure that to hold the knife and see which ones suit your hand the most. Size is pretty important because it can enhance your overall cutting or slicing performance.

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before picking the size:

  • How are you experience-wise with a knife?
  • How big is your hand?
  • What kind of design do you prefer in a knife?
  • What type of food do you usually cut or slice?

Before buying the knife, make sure to hold it, feel it, and if you can cut something with it.


We have come to the most important thing when it comes to a chef’s knife. You want a knife that is sharp enough to cut through all kinds of vegetables and fruits. Cutting is not the only thing a great chef’s knife should do. You should find one that is also good at slicing, chopping, and dicing the foods you desire. 

When it comes to sharpness, it can give you all the needed things when you are trying to prepare your food. Make sure that you find a knife that is durable and it keeps its sharpness for a long time.

Like we have mentioned earlier, there are knives that after a couple of uses still remain sharp, but if you want your knife to be always in the perfect shape, honing is highly recommended. Also, you should always be careful when handling a knife, keep the grip tight, and don’t handle it if your hands or handle is wet or oily.


Chinese chef slicing vegetables
Chinese chef slicing vegetables

Now that we have covered our list and told you what to look for in a good chef’s knife, feel free to browse around and try to find what suits you most. These are just our suggestions for the best knife under 100 dollars. This means that out on the market, maybe there are some other gems that we haven’t found yet.

We hope that this little guide has been some kind of help with your little quest to find the best chef’s knife under 100 dollars. Finally, it is your turn to test out your knowledge and find the one that will fulfil all your needs. If you have any questions or you want something to be explained more, feel free to contact us.

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