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Best Chef Knife Under $50 – Reviews [2022]

You might be on a tight budget right now and we get it. All of us are once in a while. You also want to get your hands on some quality chef knife, but you are having some problem finding the best chef knife under 50 dollars. You may think that that is not a lot when considering to buy a chef knife. Fortunately for you, you can still get a quality knife with a sharp blade, solid handle, and attractive in design. We are telling you this because we have come up with a list of knives considered to be in the category of best chef knife under 50 dollars.

We have specially made this list for you because we know how hard it could be and how much time you will have to spend browsing the internet just to find what you are looking for. After several hours talking with people who actually have these knives and we have read reviews of all of the knives that we are going to mention below.

Another thing we have considered is if you don’t have the time to read this whole article, and you are just browsing around trying to get as much information, here are the top 3 of the list of 6 we will be reviewing later on.

Our Top 3 Best Chef Knives Under $50

1. J.A. Henckels International 

2. Cangshan V2 Series

3. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife

Best Chef Knife Under 50 Dollars

Now we will fully review the knives and see what features they have to offer.

1. J.A. Henckels International 

J.A. Henckels International


When we were doing our research on this knife, there wasn’t many bad reviews or people that have been disappointed by this knife. It is made from high-quality German steel, and the brand that is behind this knife is one of the best in the business. This knife also comes with a lifetime warranty. We can easily say that this is the best budget kitchen knife on the market.

  • It has an 8-inch blade
  • Made by a well-known brand
  • Made from German steel
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Fully forged blade
  • The price may at one-point hop over the 50-dollar mark


2. Cangshan V2 Series

Cangshan V2 Series


Next on our list of best chef knife under 50 dollars is the Cangshan V2. You may think that this is so similar to the previous knife we have reviewed. That certainly has some similarities, but the main difference is where they are made and what brand makes them. This particular knife is made in China, and from the top three we gave you at the start, this one is the cheapest. Nevertheless, this knife has its qualities and features that will surely get the task done. Number two is still a good spot to be in when it comes to the category of best chefs knife under 50 dollars.

  • Made for German steel
  • Has an 8-inch blade
  • It has a 58 score on the Rockwell Hardness scale
  • Lifetime warranty
  • This blade is made in China


3. Zelite Infinity Chef Knife

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife


Coming in at number three is the Zelite infinity comfort Pro. This knife is a bit different than the previous two. Also, the company that makes this knife is pretty young in the knife making market, but they have entered the scene with a bang. This is definitely a great chef knife that you will enjoy making your food. This knife doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty as to the previous ones, but it comes with something called a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with what you have got, you can return it.

  • Quality German steel
  • The length of the blade is 8-inches
  • It has also been forged
  • Satisfaction guarantee, if you aren’t happy with the product, you can return it
  • None


4. Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Short Bolster Forged Chef’s Knife

Mercer Culinary Genesis Forged Short Bolster Forged Chef's Knife


Coming next on the list is the Mercer MZ3510. The company making these knives has come out with a new series called Genesis. They have been making knives for quite some time, and this might be their best series to date.

  • Made with German steel
  • Edge sharpness will remain the same for a long time
  • Lifetime warranty
  • This knife is only half bolster


5. Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Knife


This brand has been making quality knives for a long time. The Fibrox Pro series is one of their best series, having lightweight, highly durable, and easy to wash knives. Quick note, this knife is dishwasher-safe, yet we always recommend you wash your knives by hand. The majority of the reviews that we have seen online are incredible, and people have loved these knives. These cheap chef knives, have made it into households and restaurants for years, and for a good reason.

  • Made by the brand that makes Swiss Army knives
  • Lightweight
  • Pretty easy to use and wash
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The only thing that some people complain about is that the blade is stamped


6. Wusthof 4862-7/20 Pro 8″ Cook’s Knife

Wusthof 4862-7/20 Pro Cook´s knife - Best Chef Knife Under 50


You have certainly heard about the Wusthof brand. It is one of the biggest when it comes to knife making. This model is the only one the make that you can find under 50 dollars. Their other series can cost you twice as much. If you opt to get this knife, you are obviously going for the brand. The other knives on this list are a bit better, but if you want that name being close to you in your kitchen, got for it. We are putting this knife in the list of best kitchen knives under 50 dollars, strictly because of the brand.

  • The company is one of the best in the business when it comes to knives
  • Made from German steel
  • Lifetime warranty
  • The blade is stamped


What Matters When It Comes To The Best Budget Chef Knives?

Best Chef Knife Under 50 dollars reviews

Let’s be clear on one thing when you go out to search for a chef knife that is under 50 dollars. You couldn’t apply the same factors you use when searching for a more expensive knife. What you should be looking for in these knives are the materials used to make the knife. Is the brand known for making high-quality knives? Can they last you a long time?


A good indicator that your knife will last you a long time is the steel that is made of. For example, if the knife you are looking at is made from either German or Japanese steel, then you are good to go. Those two countries are known for using high-quality steel when it comes to knives. The handle is important, as well. You rather get a knife that has a plastic handle than the one that has a wooden one. We say this because the knives that have wooden handles can get damaged more.

How The Knife Is Made

It is important if the knife you are looking at is forged or stamped. When it comes to forged knives, they are made when a solid piece of steel is formed as a knife. Forged knives tend to be more durable and thicker. When it comes to stamped knives, a machine is cutting a sheet of steel. These knives are more likely to bend easier. Finding knives that have been forged and are selling for under 50 dollars is a pretty hard job. But we managed to find some and have placed them on this list.

Brand Reputation

This may surprise you, but if you haven’t done your research as we have, then you won’t know that there are literary thousands of companies around the world that are making knives. It is way easier today to find out which companies have been around for a while and which ones have recently started making knives. We have given you 6 amazing knives that are made for the best companies in the market. When it comes to the best cheap chef knife, every company will tell you that they have the best one. At the end of the day, you are the one who will be choosing the knife.


When you see that the manufacturer is giving a lifetime warranty for their knife, it is because they believe in their skills and ability to make a high-quality knife. They give out these lifetime warranties because they believe that their knives won’t damage or break due to some error when made.

Best Chef Knife Under 50 Conclusion

We hope that we have helped you even if just a little. We want to educate you more when it comes to buying the perfect chef’s knife. There are a couple of things you should pay attention and this article was made to help you make a decision. We guarantee that every knife we have mentioned will do its job properly and will last you a long time.

We would also like to mention that if you have a little more to spend or want a specific knife for a specific task, check out our other reviews such as; best chef knife under 100 dollars and best fish fillet knife reviews. In those articles, we are trying to help you out as well, and you will find that those knives on those lists are all high-quality and one of the best on the market today.

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