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Best Whittling Knife Reviews [2022]

Whittling has been around for hundreds of years. People pick whittling as a hobby and some even a profession. You can create unique and one of a kind art that you can either use as decor around the house, or you can even use it as a gift for friends and family. Some people even make it their profession by selling their work online to the world.

Getting into a hobby that requires a lot of finesse, you certainly need the proper equipment. Using plain and ordinary knives won’t do the trick and your final product won’t come out as you want. Even professionals can’t use an ordinary knife because there are special knives for the job.

It is certainly important for people who are just getting into whittling to get the proper equipment. But you may say that you don’t know what kind of a knife to get or which one will suit you. There are multiple options on the market and to be honest, a lot of them look the same. It is difficult to know which are the best knives for whittling.

This is where we step in. With the list below, we will give you options for what can be the best whittling knife for you. You will find that every knife in this list can certainly be put in the best whittling knife on the market in 2022.

Best Whittling Knife Reviews:

1. Morakniv Wood Carving 106 Knife

Best Whittling Knife & Wood Carving


Coming in at number one is the Morakniv 106. Possibly one of the best knives for carving wood on this list. It may shock you how much money you will pay for this knife. Although not so expensive, this knife has qualities that will satisfy any craftsman.

Some of the most obvious features are the quality and comfort of the build. The handle is made of oiled wood and we guarantee that the handling will be smooth and the user will comfortably work with it. The blade itself is made of laminated steel and it will definitely resist the factors that ruin the quality of the blade. Rust, dullness, chipping, and nicks will never be a problem for this blade.

The only thing that may be considered as a downside to this knife is the length of the blade. As we said, this may be considered as a downside for someone it may not be. We just wanted to let you know, so you will have in mind that information if you are looking for a knife that can be put in the category of the best whittling knife.

  • Comfortable wooden handle
  • Good price
  • Good quality blade material
  • Length of blade


2. FLEXCUT Whittlin’ Jack– The Best Whittling Pocket Knife

Best Whittling Pocket Knife


The next knife on the list can also be considered as a pocket knife for whittling. The Flexcut JKN88 is a bit pricier than the previous knife on our list, but because it is a combination of two knives, it is worth the price.

When we say two knives, a roughing knife and a detail knife are packed in one unit. People who don’t want to spend a lot, but still want a double unit, this one is for them.

You are also getting a quality steel knife. Unlike the previous knife on our list, this one’s blade is made of carbon. You may not know this, but many people prefer the carbon blade for their hunting, cooking and even professional craftsmen for their whittling. Because they are super sharp, they can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

This is kind of a pocket knife because the double blades fold up within. This little specific feature may not be the selling pint, but it sure has its benefits. You know that you will be safe when you are not using the knife and also it is great for transport.

The foldable system is pretty well done because the blades are kind of hard to pull out and place back. Some people may find this as a downside, while others say that this is a great feature if little kids find the knife and try to open it. It can also be considered the best whittling knife for beginners, keeping you safe at all times.

  • Closing and opening feature makes it super safe
  • Carbon blade
  • Two blades in one unit
  • Hard to open
  • Hard to put blades back in


3. Flexcut Cutting Knife

best knife for whittling


The next wood whittling knife is the Flexcut KN12. A good whittling knife that is one of the best price-wise. A knife that people will love for its high-quality and affordable price.

It is more expensive than the previous two, and you may say well how is that better than the previous ones? Well, with this knife, you are getting three blades in one unit. 

If you are a beginner and are looking for a wood carving pocket knife, this might be the best option. The cutting knife, roughing knife and detail knife are all part of this unit. Like the previous knife, this one also has a carbon blade that will be sharp and remain tough for a long time.

You may wonder why this whittling knife set isn’t higher on our list of the best whittling knife. Well, the main reason is the handle. It is a bit weird when you hold it and it can get uncomfortable if used for a longer period.

Upon looking and reading some reviews online, some people do have a problem with durability. Some say that even after they used it once the blades get damaged. We wanted to check it out, and it worked perfectly for us, so maybe that problem is not very common. A few bad apples don’t mean that every single product is bad, so we can still recommend this model.

  • Triple blades
  • Carbon blades
  • Good value for the money you are spending
  • Uncomfortable handle


4. BeaverCraft Sloyd Whittling Knife C4

best pocket knife for whittling


Coming next on our list of best pocket knife for whittling is the BeaverCraft Sloyd Whittling Knife C4. As the rest of the knives on the list, this, too, is a budget knife with good quality. 

Like a couple of our previous selections for our list for best knife for whittling, this has a carbon blade that will stay sharp and will help you put in those fine details that you want in your work. 

Another decent feature of this knife is its handle. It is perfectly shaped and will not feel uncomfortable. It is also a decent size, so it fits well in your hand.

When you are getting a knife at this price, except that it will have some downsides. For example, this knife’s blade is quite susceptible to rust. It will go dull and you may have to sharpen it multiple times. 

We know that some of you won’t like it because of its downsides, but for the people who don’t plan on whittling for a long time or for people who just want to try it out, this can be the perfect knife.

  • Great price
  • Good handle
  • Pretty prone to rust
  • It will get dull multiple times


5. BEWISHOME Wood Carving Tools Set

BEWISHOME Wood Carving Knife


Last but not least, on our list of the best wood carving knife is the BEWISHHOME Wood Carving Knife and Toolset. When you check the price out, this may seem like the best value for money and you are getting multiple things besides the knife.

This set includes three different tools, a polishing equipment and a cloth carrying case. It is robust and you can clearly see that there are lots of things you get with that price.

We need to expect that the price doesn’t mean really amazing quality. We have noticed and have read reviews by people who have used this knife before that the handle is quite awkward to hold. Also, the materials that were used to make the blades of the tools seem quite cheap. And because the materials are not that great, the durability of the blades wouldn’t be that good.

You do get the tools, but there are always going to be limitations with that price. This set can be pretty good for beginners, but professionals or experienced craftsmen should stay away from this knife.

  • A lot of tools in one set
  • Lots of value
  • Weak blade materials


Buyer’s Guide

Now that you have seen and read about the options for the best whittling pocket knife on the market today, it is time to narrow down your favorite of them all. We have also taken the time to show you and help you in picking out the best whittling knife for you.

Type of Steel

There are a few types of steel to look for when choosing these knives. There is Laminate, Carbon, Stainless and many more. Each material the blade is made of has its positives and negatives also.

If you ask us, the best material for making blades is carbon. If you want a blade that will remain sharp and rugged and the cost is not an issue, carbon blades are for you. It is well known that carbon can withstand a lot of use and it will not have the wear and tear like some of the other blades made from different materials. The only problem with carbon is that it will attract and gather contaminants like oil, so maintenance must be required.

On the other hand, Laminate will remain sharp, and it is a tad bit thinner than carbon. The thing with laminate blades is that they can be quite sensitive, so if you don’t mind changing your blade once in a while, then laminate blades are for you.

Stainless steel is like in the middle of the previous two materials. It is affordable and will remain sharp for a long time.

Whichever option you choose, it will always come down to preference and price range. The fortunate thing is that there are quality knives in each material category that will do their job perfectly.

What Type Of Knives You Need?

What Sort Of Knives Do You Need

Different people will need different types of knives. If you are experienced and a long time enthusiast of whittling, then what you would want to do is buy blades one at a time. Buying a whole box set isn’t quite for you, because you will already have most of the tools.

If you are just beginning or you want to begin carving, those toolsets are the way to go. Buying individual blades can be quite expensive, so getting a toolset will help you start. Plus, some toolsets may include more than 10 blades, which you don’t need initially, but it will give you more freedom when creating whatever you are set to create.


The price will always be an important topic, and it may seem strange, but spending more at the beginning could save you quite some money in the future. The problem with cheap sets is that they won’t last very long, so you will need to do maintenance and even replace some blades. Buying good quality knives that will last longer will save you money.



That is about it, we gave you every piece of advice on buying the best whittling knife, and now the only thing for you to do is choose one. We guarantee that whit whichever one you go with, you won’t regret it. Just follow that guide and make sure that the knife is fulfilling your needs. We did the hard work, and now it is your turn to browse a little bit more and make a decision.

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