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Cold Steel Finn Wolf Review – A Pocket Knife for Everyday Use

Due to my work life, I travel on most of the days. Hence it is always necessary for me to carry all the survival equipment with incredible quality along with me. I was on the search for the best knife that suits my trekking journey. Recently, I came across this cold steel Finn wolf knife. It is user friendly as it has a lock back. This helps to extend the Finn Wolf knife fully and fold it back again. Hence it is incredibly easy and compact to carry it anywhere. Eventually, I ended up forgetting the presence of a knife in my pocket. 

Cold Steel Finn Wolf Review

First, the blades of the knife are made up of Japanese AUSBA stainless steel, which is one of the reasons it has earned a lot of fans over these years. There are various categories of blades in a knife, such as carbon, stainless steel, etc. The cost of carbon blades is higher than the stainless blades. Cold Steel Finn Wolf knives are made up of stainless steel, which comes with the right price suitable for everyone, which in turn is easy to maintain.

The thickness of this knife is 3mm, which is the right spot for an ideal knife. Finn has a scandi grind that runs to the edge without any angle change. Because of this, it is capable of giving an aggressive cut for both the hard and softer wood. One of the major attractions of this whole knife is the handle attached to it. It delivers a different style to the simple design.


Finn Wolf Knife

Let me share Cold Steel Finn Wolf Review with you guys as it can help everyone who is in search of a perfect knife to carry their everyday activity. Though the knife weighs 3.0 oz, it is designed by Andrew Demko in such a way, which is easy to handle. 

Finn Wolf knife has a Tri-Ad lock, which makes it flexible to inflate and deflate the length of the Finn effortlessly. As you might have heard initially, it is tough to operate this Tri-Ad lock. But after a few days, I was finding it easy to handle it. I think the Tri-AD lock’s major downside is it gets wear off, which causes the tang to wiggle when extended. But that does not stop one from purchasing this knife since it is well constructed by keeping in minding the users’ various requirements.

While discussing the functions of Finn knife, it is highly significant to mention its sharpness, which is intense and suitable to handle activities such as opening a package, for stripping wire and a very good whittling knife. The sharpness becomes worn out after being used continuously for some time. This is one of the drawbacks of this Wolf knife. But due to the fact it has a keen zero ground edge, the method of re-sharpening the Finn Wolf knife becomes easy.

You need not worry about this as the warranty is provided by Cold Steel for re-sharpening the knife. But it is highly recommended to read the warranty details given by Cold Steel to know the terms and conditions.


By the end of Cold Steel Finn Wolf Review, it is very evident that the features are excellent with all the benefits included in it. My personal opinion about this Wolf is that it is one of the best knives I purchased. Considering the cost is quite affordable, I would highly recommend you to analyze this review and decide on it.


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