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Shun Kanso Review – An Honest Article Based On Facts

If you are a chef, then Shun Kanso knives are nothing new to you. But if you are a person who is passionate about cooking and is in search of a perfect knife for his/her kitchen counter, then Shun Kanso Knife is an ideal go for you. This Shun Kanso review would not only provide you basic information but would also compare it with other competitor blades in the market.

Shun Kanso Review

Shun is a Japanese brand that features simply designed, light-weight, and high-quality knives. Its owner is the Kai Corporation and has a glorious history of over 100 years. Its dedicated artisans are well-known for their incredible skills in manufacturing swords and blades since the 13th century.

As the bladesmiths make these knives with their own hands, their spirit lies in every knife. The manufacturing process comprises more than a hundred stages. This shows the company’s dedication to its work that, in an era of technology and a developed country like Japan, they still prefer hand-made products for their customers. They have beautifully fused the modern, high-quality steel with traditional manufacturing methods, which makes Shun Kanso the number one Japanese kitchen knives.

Shun Kanso 8" Chef's Knife

Key Features

An ideal knife is one having a sharp blade, a handle that provides a comfortable grip, and high-quality material used in its manufacturing.

The Blade

The AUS-10A steel gives this blade an ideal sharpness by keeping a balance between pressure and pace. From cutting feeble vegetables to skinning animals, this blade is a perfect fit. Another property that makes this blade exceptional is that it is resistant to any kind of scratches.

The Handle

Coming towards the Shun Kanso knife’s handle is made up of the wood termed as Tagayasan. A wooden handle not only adds to the beauty of the knife, but it also provides an easy grip. The wood handle, along with the blade, helps to balance the pressure applied by the chef. Interestingly, some people add Shun Kanso knives in their kitchen accessories just to enhance their beauty.

The Design     

The whole design of the Shun Kanso knife can be summed up in a single word; ‘Simplicity’. It proves how a simple design can make any product look elite. It is based on Zen Philosophy. Its design is the major factor that makes it popular among chefs. As told earlier, the fact that it is a hand-made product makes this knife’s design dominant over other designs.  


People who buy the Shun Kanso knife enjoy its lifetime warranty. But it varies with the amount of money you invested. This lifetime warranty is available for a specific set of knives at a specific price. They also provide vouchers when you meet certain criteria set by the sellers. These are not the ever-green offers. They vary from time to time and, of course, depend upon the money you are investing in. It’s all about opportunities, so the best way is to keep in touch with the sellers and regularly view their offers. 

Price of Shun Kanso Knife        

Shun Knaso is a budget-friendly knife. Before mentioning that three-figure price, I would like to make you recall all its pros. That sharp blade, that fantastic design, and much more! Yes, a hundred and fourteen US dollars is a very reasonable price if you are getting these tremendous services in a single product. And this price is justified by the fact that it provides a lifetime warranty.


As per promise, a comparison portion of the Shun Kanso knife with other knives is also added. Keeping in view all the chefs’ and users’ demands, Shun Kanso Knives enjoys a reputation of being the best among other knives. Their design and a 100 step process, including the bladesmiths’ manual efforts, make it superior over other types of knives. I hope that this Shun Kanso Review will help you figure out your confusion and make it way easier for you to choose an ideal knife.


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