What Are Machetes Used For?

Do you know what machetes are used for? Fantastic tips and tricks that I’m going to explain in this article. Machete is a lightweight and large-quality blade tool larger than a knife in size and just like a sword and an ax. In the old days, farmers used this handmade tool in fields for cutting, chopping, and hunting purposes, but nowadays, it works better than a knife for cutting, chopping, splitting barks, bamboos cutting, chasing as well as garden or yard work.

Machete’s blade usually comes from 10″ to 26″ inches long, mostly of 1075 high carbon steel, non-stainless steel, and other metals. These include an ergonomically designed handle mostly made of rubber, wood, and TPR material. These machetes provide extra durability by carrying a sheath of quality material with strips and buttons to wear it on the shoulders, legs, and back to keep the user more secure.

What Are Machetes Used For

Uses of a machete:

  • Cutting and chopping
  • Fishing and Hunting
  • Gardening and Yardwork
  • Hiking and Crafting
  • Survival and Food preparation

Cutting and chopping:

Mostly the machetes are used for cutting and chopping purposes; due to their lightweight, it is easy to lift and cut anything else that you want. Machete handle plays a crucial role in cutting and chopping small weeds, vine branches and working in fields. Mostly it comes in rubber material, TPR material, wooden, and polyester material to provide its users a firm, non-slippery secure grip. About 95% of machetes come with a carrying sheath to keep it clean and secure the user.

In the past, knives and sharp-edged tools were used in harvesting yields, cutting trees and tree branches, but nowadays, a machete is considered the best cutting tool ever due to its blade sharpness and durability, full tang, and quality. You can cut 3-4″ thick bamboos with no worries.

It is the best companion when you go through the jungle to collect numerous weed branches to burn for survival. There are different machetes; some are useful for cutting and chopping, some are best for hunting, and some are excellent for hiking and crafting. So, the best machete for cutting and chopping is the Hooyman machete. I’ve explained written about this machete in the top 10 best machete 2021 reviews and buyer’s guide.

Fishing and Hunting

Fishing and Hunting:

Another task for a machete is used for fishing and hunting. Some people are fond of hunting, and they go to the jungle, oceans, rivers, and other hunting places to hunt something special. So, a machete plays a vital role in gutting fishes and hunting to cut and prepare the meat for cooking. When you go on a trip or campsite, you would like to keep the best machete for self-defense against wild animals and other dangerous species.

Is it a better idea to keep a machete in your side pocket? So yes, you can save a machete inside your bag while traveling or going where and there because most of the machetes are mini but having sharp edges. Most of the machetes come with a carrying sheath to keep them clean and secure, during purchasing your best machete, ask for its sheath as well; then, you could keep it inside your pocket or wear it on your back, legs or shoulders.

Don’t take its sharpness lightly; its sharp edge blade is made of quality high carbon steel or non-stainless steel, so be secure using this machete while cutting down or fixing something else.

Gardening and Yardwork:

Similar to cutting and chopping, the machete is also used for gardening and yard work. It helps to trim large bushes, cut dead plants and trees, clean grass, trunk fixing, and chop extra branches of trees. It works better than an ax or a hatchet by providing blade sharpness, quality, and durability.

If you’re looking for the best machete for gardening and yard work, the Parang machete and Kershaw black machete are the best machetes in performance for this kind of activity. These two machetes are very famous among the machete lover because of their sharpness, durability, and quality performance. Kershaw black machete is one of the most used machetes in yardwork for trimming bushes.

Hiking and Crafting:

In the old days, even nowadays, a machete is considered a useful tool in making decorative objects with hands and wood-turning to convert the large pieces into the required components. People used a machete to make wooden furniture, tables, and chairs and build a hut using bamboo and palm bark. A machete was considered a necessary tool in their daily life. They used to cut thick ropes and separate the splitting bark. Nowadays, people use this excellent tool for kinds of requirements and activities.

It is also considered a useful hiking tool while people use it to clean the path, bushes, and trail clearing. Hiking is the most common use of a machete because hikers use this tool with pleasures for climbing and self-defense. It can also be used in camping, fixing down large trunks, and pulling purposes during hiking.

As you’re thinking, how a machete can be used in hiking lets me clear this. There are different types of hikers, trail runners, weekend hikers, photographers, fishers, thru-hikers, overnight hikers, day hikers, and distance hikers.

KA-BAR kukri is considered the best machete for hiking due to its lightweight, quality blade and handle material with nylon carrying sheath.

Survival and Food preparation:

Survival and Food preparation

A machete plays a vital role in surviving in our daily life. We use this multi-task tool many times for chopping woods, bark splitting, food preparation, and many other tasks. No doubt, it has become a habit for machete lovers and users to use it many times a day for their indoor and outdoor activities. Food preparation can be quickly done with this excellent tool. It helps chop and batch many hard-shell fruits like coconuts, jack fruits, walnuts, and many other fruits. Farmers use a machete for cutting bamboos, sugar canes, and fix trunks for camping.

I suggest the Warlock machete as it is the best machete ever for this task of food preparation. You can also use the Australian army machete because its large and wider blade is sharp enough to cut everything with no worries.


There are many more ways to use a machete, but the basic uses are explained here. A machete works better than an ax or knife in cutting and chopping in this advanced technology era. Excessive use of a rigid structure may affect your blade’s performance, but there are many best machete sharpeners available in the market; thus, you can use your machete again after sharpening it. Most of the machetes come with a carrying sheath to keep the user secure against blade sharpness. You can wear this sheath on the shoulders, back, and legs. Under $100 is considered the best price for a quality machete.


1. Which is the best machete for survival?
KA-BAR kukri and Hooyman are the best machetes for survival. These two machetes are made of black coated high carbon steel blade with nylon carrying sheath.

2. Which is the best machete in 2021?
KA-BAR 2-1249-9 Kukri is considered the best machete ever, even in 2021, due to its sharp edge blade, quality, and well performance. Also, you can see a list of the best machetes in 2021.

3. What is the standard price of a machete?
Under $100 is considered the best price for a quality machete.

4. What are the uses of a machete?
A machete is used for multi-tasks like chopping weeds, cutting meat, bamboos, bark splitting, fishing, crafting and food preparation.

5. What is the best material of a machete?
Carbon steel, stainless steel and non-stainless steel are the best materials for a machete blade of quality.

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